The History of CRI Properties

CRI Properties opened its doors in December 1998, in a second-floor office “bullpen” space above Greer Garrick’s Office supply store on New Bridge Street.

Our initial roster included three agents and one office staff person.  Soon after we opened, Petey the parakeet perched on the sill of an open window and was welcomed as our first pet.

With no listing inventory, we created an investor website – investors could purchase rental homes through our firm – mostly VA foreclosures – we would repair them and provide ongoing property management services.  We also managed New River Shopping Center.  New River required permanent maintenance employees to keep the Shopping Center clean, the grass cut and minor maintenance accomplished.  CRI hired two maintenance men who needed a truck, and as luck would have it, there was a surplus Ambulance available for purchase from the County.  We adorned it with a caduceus and called the service “The Maintenance Medic”.

Business grew steadily, and in May 2001, we moved into our current office on Gum Branch Road.

Over the years, we’ve helped many Agents become successful in Onslow County, but Kendal, Connie and Chris are the plank-holders.  We specialize in residential resales.  Our agents have the unique skill and capability to effectively and efficiently supervise necessary repairs and upgrades to guarantee the marketability of our sale inventory.

Our Property Management Staff has seen little turnover.  Kay was our first employee and is with us today, having celebrated her 20-year anniversary in April 2019.  As of this writing, our staff of seven has accumulated more than 100 years’ experience with CRI. 

The Maintenance Medic has grown to six full time employees.  We provide home repair services for our clients as well as many homeowners in Onslow County.  Dustin runs The Maintenance Medic and has been with us for more than ten years.  We can coordinate the full range of home repair and improvement services for our clients and customers.  Our maintenance men have a combined total of 55 years’ experience with the Maintenance Medic.  No job is too big or too small.  We’ve got an exceptional record of quality service when needed – especially during the rough times, like Hurricane Florence in 2018.

From humble beginnings and a mission to provide top notch service through dedicated hard work that puts our clients first, we take great pride in providing exceptional service and look forward to helping you!