If there is a life threatening emergency call 911. CRI Properties normal business hours are from 9:00am 6:00pm, MondayFriday, and 9:00am2:00pm on Saturday (except Holidays). If an emergency occurs after business hours or over the weekend please call (910)4552860. Please leave your name, phone number, address, and a detailed description of the problem.

Please remember this is only for emergencies, which are defined below.


  1. Fire, Explosions
  2. Flooding
  3. Loss of heat (if outside temperature falls below 55 degrees)
  4. Loss of AC (if outside temperate is above 90 degrees)
  5. Stopped up toilet (if you have only one bathroom)
  6. Backed up sewer system or septic system
  7. A severe plumbing leak
  8. Any conditions which endanger the property or the occupants


No hot water:

1.) Test your breaker switch. These can be reset by snapping switch "off" then snapping back "on".

No power to outlets:

1.) Check with Neighbors – Power Company must restore power before we can help.

2.) Check/reset breakers

3.) Reset the GFCI outlets in the home, they may be located in the bathroom, kitchen, garage, or in the breaker box.

4.) If only one plug does not work, it is possibly controlled by a switch.

Garbage Disposals:

1.) Turn off power to disposal and check for foreign objects in the disposal – attempt to dislodge these objects by manually moving the blades with a wooden spoon. This can also be done by inserting an Allen Wrench into the bottom of the disposal.

2.) Once blades are free, check and reset the reset button on the disposal (usually on the bottom of disposal)

3.) Reconnect power & attempt to run disposal.

Plumbing Problems:

1.) Try and unclog the drain with Drano or similar product made to unclog drains; plunge toilets.

Heating and Air Conditioning:

1.) Check the breaker.

2.) If the outside unit has ice on it; turn off the system to defrost the unit, and call the office.

You are responsible for changing your Air Filter. We recommend you change the air filter at least once a month, 3 month filters can also be purchased. This will enable your system to operate more efficiently and economically. A heat pump is not a hot air system – the air from the registers may only feel room temperature or slightly warmer. The heat pump uses an auxiliary source to provide heat when the outside temperature is excessively cold. This will cause the heat pump to run more frequently.


1.) Identify the source of the leak and follow the plumbing line until you find a valve to turn off the water supply to the source of the leak.

2.) Slow leaks – use a pan or basin to catch the water and call the office.

3.) Major leaks – if # 1.) above does not correct the water problem, many homes have a main water cut off located in the yard between the water meter and the house many times in a 4" PVC pipe in a flower bedexpose the valve and turn it off, call the office.

After a Storm:

1.) Check exterior of home, especially siding and shingles.

2.) If siding has been damaged, or roofing shingles missing, call the office immediately to help prevent further damage.


Our normal business hours are from 9:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday.


  1. Broken glass and torn screens
  2. Lost keys, keys broken off in the lock
  3. Jammed disposal ( with spoons, bottle caps, or food)
  4. Stopped up drains, and stopped up toilets that needed plunging
  5. Tripped breakers, overloaded circuits and blown fuses
  6. Nonfunctioning heat or air conditioning due to clogged filters or no fuel or tripped breaker
  7. Damages which are not normal wear and tear
  8. No problem detected when a maintenance person attempted repair

You may not authorize any maintenance at the Landlord's expense, nor will you be reimbursed for any such maintenance.

Please note — we are able to get service providers out to you faster during the weekdays, so please do not wait for a problem to become an emergency over the weekend as it will delay the service.